Welcome to a new Eurogamer series: State of the Game

Good morning! We have a new series for you. It’s called the state of the game and the point is, basically, to tell you exactly that. Over the next two months, we’ll be releasing a series of features that explore the biggest, most interesting, and most influential live service games running right now.

Naturally, the words “live service” give some people a hard time, and that’s fair enough – but it’s also the type of game a lot of gamers want to spend their time in, and the type of game who, by bottling the magic of fun—with friends—can often capture the best of the medium.

This is also an area that has been quite difficult to adequately cover here on Eurogamer. To borrow a phrase, these are “hobby” games – games that often require a great deal of time or attention – and so following them all in sufficient detail quickly becomes impossible. Naturally, the focus is on the biggest controversies or the most sweeping changes, when a lot of the really special stuff is in the details. It’s also hard to know what people are talking about when they write about them, if you’re not already immersed in games yourself.

That’s hopefully where this series comes in. What we aim to provide is a detailed yet manageable look at some of the game’s most greedy worlds. Think of it as a mix of updated reviews, retrospectives and essays. Or maybe like a mid-term report, except the term is the entire lifespan of the game and it’s hard to know what you would call the middle of it.

They will all be different, in other words. But the first one is online now. Here’s a look at what’s going on in what’s probably the biggest game in the world: League of Legends.

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