Top 10 Best Kirby Games of All Time

When people think of Nintendo exclusive franchises, the first ones that always come to mind are Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, Smash Bros. and so many others. The big N has a stellar library of exclusives, and while he might not be as iconic as his counterparts, the adorable pink blob Kirby has always managed to release some fantastic games. So here we’re going to run through the 10 best Kirby games of all time, updated for 2022 to include the rather fantastic Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

10. Kirby Air Ride

While all the other games on this top ten list are traditional platform Kirby games, let’s use this place to salute one of the best spin-off games from the top 10 best Kirby games of all time.

I don’t know why it took so long for a real kart racing game in the Kirby universe to appear, but fans got lucky when Kirby Air Ride finally became a thing for the Game Cube. Nintendo knows a thing or two about kart racers, so that’s a plus right off the bat, and on top of that the Kirby universe is filled with bonuses that make for great weapons that can be used in so many creative ways during a race.

Hoping that another game in this series will see the light of day soon.

9. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

Nintendo went through a wire phase about five to ten years ago. I don’t really understand why, but no harm because all those Yarn games featuring Kirby and Yoshi ended up being awesome, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn is no exception.

Despite being released for the Wii (and later re-released as Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn on 3DS), Kirby’s Epic Yarn still holds up extremely well both visually and gameplay-wise. The yarn pattern is a timeless look that will likely end up looking good no matter how far we go with the graphics, and the platforming is a mix of traditional Kirby gameplay with Ravel Abilities, playing Yarn themed.

8. Kirby’s Dreamland

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

Although by far the simplest Kirby game on this list, the very first Kirby game that debuted on Gameboy still deserves a shout out and deserves a top 10 ranking in the series.

While it lacks bonuses, a staple of the series now, pretty much everything we’ve come to love about Kirby is established in this game. Kirby’s voracious appetite, ability to suck and spitting enemies, holding your breath and flying, and of course so many of the series’ iconic stages, enemies and music tracks.

7. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

Despite being the first Kirby game to be on Nintendo’s first Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards was still set on a 2D plane. However, don’t make the mistake of calling Kirby 64 lazy. It does more than pull its weight in gameplay.

Kirby 64 allows players to combine all the powers of the game, giving them a host of really fun and creative bonuses to experiment with, such as combining sparks and ice to turn Kirby into a refrigerator or you can recharge with double the same power for even more destructive.

Honestly, it’s still one of my favorite personal gadgets in all of Kirby games to this day and I wish it was used more.

6. Kirby Super Star (Ultra)

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

For some, putting Kirby Super Star (Ultra, if you’re playing the re-release) down might be sacrilege because it’s a favorite of many die-hard Kirby fans, and I understand why. Kirby Super Star, originally released on the SNES, is an extremely polished Kirby game that feels like a true evolution of gameplay that players have only experienced on the Gameboy and NES until now.

It doesn’t really have any flaws gameplay-wise and it expands on the classic formula with lots of new powers and the ability to convert enemies into allies, similar (but in many ways better) than the more recently released Kirby. Star allies.

However, what knocks off a few pegs for our list is the disjointed nature of the game modes, essentially breaking the game up into a number of minigames never really gives it a chance to build a world, a story or a difficulty. acceleration/rhythm.

5. Kirby’s Dream Land 2

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

Kirby’s Dreamland 2 takes the Gameboy formula established in the first game and merges it with some of the more modern elements of the Kirby franchise, with some unique tricks up its own sleeve to great effect.

Kirby’s Dreamland 2 introduces powers into the mix, but also lets you boost your powers by teaming up with one of Kirby’s animal friends: Rick, Kine, and Coo. For example, jumping on Rick’s back with the fire ability causes the hamster to start breathing fire. Like all of the platformers on this list, Kirby’s Dreamland 2 features lots of fun puzzles to solve using these mechanics, great level design, and memorable music.

4. Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

Kirby’s Triple Deluxe laid the foundation for what a modern Kirby game looks like, and its effect lives on to this day. There are far more obvious story beats than ever before, and visually everything comes across with far more vibrancy, color, and polish than ever before.

And of course, since this is an early 3DS game, you can turn on the 3D graphics and enjoy it too if you’re interested in that. While many third-party games have struggled to use this feature, Nintendo’s first-party games have usually made them work, and Kirby: Triple Deluxe is one of those games.

3. Kirby: Planet Robobot

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

Where Kirby: Triple Deluxe leaned more into traditional Kirby gameplay while increasing visual stimulation, Kirby: Planet Robobot benefited from its later release and the developers were clearly able to focus more on refinement and expansion. gameplay. The result is one of the best modern Kirby games to date, landing in the top three on our list of the best Kirby games of all time.

Kirby: Planet Robobot, as the name suggests, sees Kirby battling mechanical enemies trying to turn the world into a machine. Kirby is able to combine powers with powerful mechanical combinations that turn Kirby into a killing machine (even more so than usual) and also allow Kirby to solve new puzzles.

To someone who’s never played it before, it might seem like another odd gadget, but everything about Planet Robobot is extremely well crafted, crafted and fun and it’s always been a fan favorite since its release in 2016.

2. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

To finish. That’s probably the word that came to many Kirby fans’ minds when they saw that Kirby and the Forgotten Land would open things up and allow Kirby to finally run around in a truly 3D environment. After the so-so Kirby: Star Allies, the series needed an overhaul, and HAL certainly delivered.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land takes everything you know and love about Kirby games and places them in a 3D space where Kirby can fight, explore and solve puzzles in new ways. While not revolutionary in a gameplay sense, we’ve had 3D platformers since at least 1996, for the series it’s an absolute game changer and one of the most refreshing and fun Kirby games out there. never created. From experimenting with powers to battling bosses, even these classic must-haves feel new and exciting now that they’re usable in a 3D plane.

1. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland / Kirby’s Adventure

Top 10 Best Kirby Games

For our top spot, I have to go for the NES Classic (or the GBA remake if you prefer), the game that many believe put Kirby on the map and established him as a staple Nintendo character and franchise. . Kirby’s Adventure. To this day, it’s still, at least in this writer’s mind, the perfect classic 2D Kirby experience. No tricks or gimmicks, just suck up some powers and go.

Kirby’s Adventure and Nightmare in Dreamland still feels very big, even by modern Kirby gaming standards with 41 levels spread across seven worlds, each with its own style and memorable themes. There are plenty of secrets to uncover and the game is 100% incredibly satisfying.

The gameplay is just challenging enough not to be a total walk in the park, but still accessible to a small child with some skill. It’s packed with classic powers and features Kirby’s popular anti-hero, Meta Knight, who would become a star in his own right.

It’s hard to believe that the original, Kirby’s Adventure, was an NES game. It still holds up incredibly well and deserves our number one spot in the best Kirby games of all time.

With the announcement of Kirby’s Dream Buffet set to deliver chaotic multiplayer action, there’s always the possibility that it could enter our top 10 when it launches in the summer of 2022. We’ll update this post as it happens. as it falls.

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