The new Pokemon Stadium games would have a lot to work on


Pokemon Stadium is an outdated concept in the era of Pokemon 3D games, but with enough tweaking, a new entry could become a great multiplayer hub.

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The Nintendo 64 is back in the spotlight after Nintendo announced an expansion pack for its Switch Online (NSO) service. This pack will cost an unannounced higher amount than the current NSO subscription, but it will include both the N64 and Sega Genesis libraries to justify the cost. Pokémon Snap is a game that was confirmed to be coming to NSO sometime after the expansion pack launched, which opens up the possibility of other spinoffs such as Pokémon Stadium.

Have one or both Pokémon Stadium games available through NSO are said to be both nostalgic returns and a source of party entertainment thanks to their multiplayer mini-games. However, unlike Pokémon Snap – a sub-series that received a sequel earlier this year, it’s harder to imagine the return of Stadium games in the modern age. There are still ways to do it, and in fact there is potential for a new Pokémon Stadium to be the franchise’s ultimate multiplayer experience.

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How Pokemon Stadium could innovate on new generations

Pokemon Villains Ranked By Evil Cover

Pokémon Stage 2 released in 2000, and its selling point was the addition of Gen 2 Pokémon from the Johto region. The most recent releases, Pokemon Sword and Protect, are part of Generation 8. In the two decades since Stage 2, the list of Pokemon creatures has increased from 251 to 898 and above.

There was another Stadium-like a game called Pokemon Fighting Revolution in 2006, coinciding with diamond and pearl. It largely served the same purpose, allowing gamers to transfer their partners from the 2D sprite-based DS game to fully realized 3D environments on the Wii like Stadium brought Game Boy Pokemon to life on N64. It was much more limited by not including mini-games for spending time with friends, and therefore was made even more obsolete by Generation 6 games. X and Yes bring everything into the third dimension on 3DS.

Despite the main line Pokemon with the games all being in 3D now, there are still issues with the formula. For years, fans have complained about Game Freak’s apparent lack of innovation in terms of updating things like combat animations. Some may like the classic feeling that Pokemon maintains, but it felt stagnant compared to other Nintendo franchises like THE Legend of Zelda. With Pokémon Legends: Arceus set to release next year and shake up what a single-player adventure looks like for the franchise, a new Stadium the game could be its multiplayer counterpart – one with a much bigger budget invested in environments, models, and animation to really appease fans.

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More Pokemon Stadium mini-games

Pokémon Stage 2

If a modern Pokémon Stadium focuses on the idea of ​​creating a sleek multiplayer hub for combat, it should also build on its heritage and include mini-games. For its charm, Pokemon Fighting Revolution was a pretty empty game, especially if players didn’t have any Pokémon to transfer and participated in Poketopia tournaments with rentals.

There are 21 mini-games included between Pokémon Stage 1 and 2, but again, all were based on monsters from the first two generations. The franchise’s proliferation over the decades means there is no shortage of Pokemon games for any mood, and there are mini-game-centric titles like the PokéPark series. Even taking this into account, PokePark 2: wonders beyond released in 2012 during gen 5, and many spinoffs since then have been niche or focused around a particular gadget.

Have a new Pokémon Stadium game that offers a host of minigames featuring fan favorite Pokémon new and old would surely sell, especially if the online feature is included as with Mario Party Superstars. The franchise’s single player experience will change dramatically with the capture of the open world and Noble Pokemon boss battles in Legends: Arceus, so back to Pokémon Stadium this decade with generations of new monsters also seems like a way to improve the multiplayer experience.

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