Overwatch 2: Best FOV Settings for PC and Console

If you’re looking for the best FOV settings for PC and console, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss what FOV is, how it works, and which FOV you should use for maximum results.

Overwatch 2 is a new 5v5 team action shooter. The game is a sequel to its predecessor, Overwatch, released in 2016. Overwatch was hugely popular and created the initial foundation for what we now call hero shooters.

After 6 years, Blizzard has released the sequel gamers have been waiting for. Additionally, Blizzard has made Overwatch 2 a free-to-play title. As a result, hundreds of thousands of players flood the servers in hopes of discovering what’s new.

As many new and veteran players are joining the game, most of them don’t know what Heroes Video, Controller and FOV settings to use in Overwatch 2. Hope after reading this article, you can optimize the best FOV settings in Overwatch 2.

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What is FOV in Overwatch 2?

FOV is short for Field of View. Although most of you already know what it is, it is better to clarify before moving forward. The field of view is the area at a specific angle that your eyes can cover in a static position.

Simply put, FOV is what you can see in front of you. Overwatch 2 supports 80 to 103 FOV. 80 means your vision will be very limited and 103 means you will have broad vision. Additionally, the FOV affects both horizontal and vertical vision.

Comparison between 80 FOV and 103 FOV

Credit: Blizzard

Best FOV Settings in Overwatch 2

To be fair, there are no best or worst FOV settings in Overwatch 2. The FOV is entirely up to personal preference. However, there are a few key notes to consider.

Overwatch 2 is a very fast game. You must constantly be aware of your surroundings, mind the flanks, and focus ahead of you. So, in theory, the more you see, the better.

Another thing to consider is that as you increase your FOV, distant objects become smaller. So it interferes with your vision. However, unlike other first-person shooters, Overwatch 2 has some nice little maps where the fights always take place at close range.

So having a high FOV in Overwatch 2 does not affect your gameplay and vision much. Moreover, Overwatch 2 is a fairly optimized game. In most games, reducing the FOV significantly improves the FPS. However, this is not the case for Overwatch 2.

On the contrary, having a low FOV has almost no added benefit. Unless you’re really used to playing low FOV, there’s no apparent reason to play Overwatch 2 low FOV. So, we recommend using the 103° field of view in Overwatch 2.

However, a few gamers may find it difficult to focus with high FOV, and gameplay may feel much faster because of it. Only for those players, having a 90° FOV can be a happy medium. However, going below 90° is not recommended.

Here are the best FOV settings in Overwatch 2:

Unfortunately for console gamers, the FOV is locked at 90. So XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch gamers won’t be able to increase or decrease their FOV settings.

What FOV settings do professional gamers use?

Here is a list of FOV settings for some of the best Overwatch players in the world:

Last name Role Field of view
Wonder1 Tank 103
Agrees DPS 103
Creative Support 103
Profit DPS 103
Shax DPS 103
Spell Tank 103
danteh DPS 103
Architect DPS 103
Rape2t Support 103
Dusk Support 103

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As you can see the majority of professional gamers use 103 FOV in both Overwatch 2. So you have a good idea that 103 is the top FOV setting in Overwatch 2. However, as mentioned earlier, there is no good or bad FOV. settings in Overwatch 2. It all depends on your personal preferences. So, try the recommended FOV settings listed in this article and change them accordingly.

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