Nintendo Switch users surprised as new version is instantly reduced to $2

A new Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED game that was just released yesterday has already been discounted by 90%, dropping its price from $20 to $2. It is very rare for a game to be discounted by 90% within 24 hours of release. Why it was reduced by 90% right after its release, we don’t know. Publisher Red Deer Games, which has published a variety of indie games on the platform, hasn’t announced the sale, leaving fans to guess.

Typically, when a game goes on sale right after release, it’s because it’s not selling, however, we’ve never seen a Switch game get such a big discount so quickly after release. . Anyway, for $2 and 198MB you can now own Cat Talesa game about “colors and painting tools” where you ride on the back of “big cats”.

“Get on the dragon and go on an adventure! Run around the flowery meadow with the cute little kittens,” reads an official Nintendo eShop description for the game. “Travel on the back of big cats. Take a magic umbrella and admire the meadows and fields from above. Discover more than 30 themes with characters and animals from fairy tales. Play with colors and painting tools Create Your Wonderland

Is the game only worth two dollars? Well, you can’t buy much in economy for $2, let alone games. However, there are no reviews for the title, so it’s hard to say whether or not it’s worth two Washingtons. For more Nintendo coverage – including not just the latest from the Switch family of consoles, but everything under the Nintendo umbrella – click here or, alternatively, browse the relevant and recent links listed below. In the meantime, if you don’t like this offer, be sure to check it out. our other article highlighting deals on Marvel games, Star Wars games, and more.

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