Nintendo Switch OLED Argos deal: new games for £5

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the best version of the handheld you can buy, and if you want to upgrade with a new game, then Argos has the deal for you.

From now until 9 September 2022, anyone who buys a new console will be able to launch any of the five games for as little as an extra £5, and some of the titles on offer are definitely worth your time.

Whether you’re looking for a classic JRPG, “Metroidvania,” or even some of the latest Pokémon titles, gamers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to making the most of the crisp 7-inch screen on their new console.

All games offered will be able to run on the latest Switch hardware, but can also be used with other Switch models, including the Nintendo Switch lite.

If you want to know how to save on new games when you buy a Nintendo Switch OLED from Argos, keep reading the rest of the article below.


Until September 9, 2022, Argos is offering customers the chance to pick up a new Switch game for just £5 when they purchase a Nintendo Switch OLED.

There are five excellent games to choose from: Bravely Default ll, Metroid Dread, Pokemon Shiny Diamond, New Pokemon Snap and Deadly Premonition 2. As most titles usually sell for £39.99, this will save gamers up to £35 on a brand new Switch game, making this a great deal if you’re looking to upgrade your handheld console. existing.

If you are curious about the games offered, Bravely Default II (£39.99, is a traditional JRPG published by Square Enix, which sees four protagonists – Seth, Gloria, Elvis and Adelle – travel across the continent of Excellent with turn-based battles.

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Metroid Dread (£39.99, is a 2D sidecroller that returns to the series’ routes, with added horror elements and is one of our top picks for best games on the Nintendo Switch.

In the world of Pokémon, you can “catch ’em all” in Pokemon Shiny Diamond (£39.99, – a remake of the original DS version that returns to the traditional monster catching formula. Meanwhile, New Pokemon Snap (£39.99, is a photography-based title that lets players try and take the best pictures of monsters in the wild.

Deadly Premonition 2 (£34.99, is also here if you’re curious. It’s become cult since its original release, but it falls firmly into the “so bad it’s actually quite entertaining” category. We can’t say much more other than it’s an open-world survival horror game that borrows heavily from David Lynch’s. twin peaks. For a sneaky preview, you can watch the trailer in all its skateboarding glory of an alligator.

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