Nintendo needs the Switch 2, not a new gadget

Nintendo can be a very inconsistent company when it comes to their software and hardware development in the gaming industry. No two generations are the same when it comes to their consoles or their games. At one point gamers could be playing on a console with a clunky controller like the N64 or Nintendo Gamecube, and at another throwing their arms around with a console like the Nintendo Wii.

However, rumors have spread that a Nintendo Switch 2 could be on the horizon in 2024. These rumors speculate what Nintendo could do next: build on the success of the Switch or create a new console with a new gadget. The company has been innovating in the video game industry since the release of the N64. Still, it’s time for Nintendo to focus on building an already well-established console like the Switch rather than creating something completely new.

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Rumors say that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be significantly upgraded with a new CPU, GPU, graphics card, OLED display and 4K support. It is a step in the right direction. This can be a boring concept for many gamers, especially since Microsoft and Sony already rely on the consoles they are successful with. In fact, when gamers switched from Xbox One X to Xbox Series X, they noticed no difference in the user interface, the controllers were the same, and they played the same games.

However, Microsoft and Sony succeed because it’s a safe bet to build on what works. Nintendo is known for taking risks, and the Nintendo Wii U threatened the company’s ability to stay in the console race. The company can’t afford another Wii U disaster, at least for now.

A Nintendo Switch 2 could also allow Nintendo to focus on other aspects of the console, such as an improved user interface, eShop and backwards compatibility. Gamers will say what they want about Sony and Microsoft consoles, but they agree that these are some of the next-gen improvements that made Xbox and PlayStation so successful. A Nintendo Switch 2 will need to focus on what has worked for the company’s competitors if it is to succeed.

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The Nintendo Switch user interface hasn’t changed in the past five years. Gamers requested themes, voice chat, and an online redesign to rival Xbox and PlayStation. The eShop is sluggish and sluggish, and backwards compatibility is almost non-existent aside from the tiny Nintendo Online NES, SNES, and N64 libraries. There is no way to play Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Gameboy or DS titles. A Switch 2 will also need to be backward compatible with its predecessor.

Along with software enhancements, Nintendo can also focus on hardware enhancements that don’t include console specs. The Nintendo Pro Controller is a must-have as it rivals the competition’s formidable controllers. That being said, improvements can be made to the controller. For example, the weight should be reduced as it is one of the heaviest and bulkiest controllers on the market. A Switch 2 Pro Controller or Pro Controller 2 may be another focus rather than implementing a whole new gadget for the console.

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Finally, first-party and third-party titles can also be pushed forward with the release of a new Switch 2. Nintendo and other developers can create more quality titles as there will be few changes coming to a Switch 2 other only improved performance. . Third-party developers widely support the Switch, and a Switch 2 would continue to see that support.

Nintendo has been playing its cards close to its chest since the Switch was released, so even with leaks and rumors, it’s hard to pinpoint the direction of its next console. Even the Switch Pro ended up being an OLED Switch, but it proved that the Switch is Nintendo’s future, and with the Switch 2 the company can do a whole lot more for its consumers than a brand new gadget ever could. never.

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