Nintendo doesn’t even want you to have photos of emulated Switch games

Nintendo has launched another emulation-related DMCA spree, but this time the company’s target is, uh, let me check my notes here…ah, photos of Switch games.

SteamGridDB (opens in a new tab) is a site where users can upload custom images designed for use in the Steam library. Many images take the form of alternate headers or box art for games that are already on Steam, so you can customize how those games appear in your library. But SteamGridDB is mostly used when you add a non-Steam game to your library – like, for example, a console game you play through an emulator.

Switch emulators have become particularly robust over the years, and they’ve become particularly desirable since the launch of the Steam Deck – clearly, even someone at Valve was using a Switch emulator on the handheld. Nintendo was not happy about this fact, even follow YouTube videos showing how to install Switch emulators on the device.

Now they’ve issued a DMCA takedown notice against SteamGridDB for footage related to six Switch games: Pokemon Scarlet, Pokemon Violet, Splatoon 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The announcement was made on the website Discord Channel (opens in a new tab) (Going through GBAtemp (opens in a new tab)).

Some users are already trying to recharge (opens in a new tab) the images affected, although it remains to be seen how long they will remain in place. Others are Download (opens in a new tab) Goofy DMCA-compliant versions of the box art.

Again, SteamGridDB only hosts images that you can import into your Steam library. The site does not host the ROM or ISO files you would need to hack a video game. The selection of games affected by the DMCA notice is also quite odd – there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other Nintendo games represented on the site, many of them on Switch. It just seems like Nintendo is taking every weird little step it can take to keep its biggest Switch games from being associated with Steam or the Steam Deck.

here are the best switch games you should definitely never try to run on anything other than a switch.

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