It’s worth it | ‘Samurai Maiden’ gets Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC release date, available for pre-order

samurai girl the title follows the student, Tsumugi Tamaori, summoned in her sleep to the historical period of Sengoku.

samurai girl follows the story of a high school student who falls asleep after a boring day of history class, waking up alongside historical figure, Nobunaga Oda, known as Japan’s first great unifier. The two end up at the burning Honnoji Temple where the underworld opened up. Having trained in the art of sword fighting as a hobby, Tsumugi is suddenly put to the test in real battle as she receives the evil protection blade from the desperate Nobunaga Oda, who enters the underworld to end the calamity. Even Tsumugi, an admittedly poor history student, recognizes Oda as the hero of the Sengoku period and understands that she must rise to this strange occasion.

In samurai girl, players can expect to slaughter throngs of undead enemies with Tsumugi’s mighty swordsmanship. With sleek combo attacks and powerful counters, Tsumugi is well equipped to slay groups of zombies as well as tough bosses, but as a modern-day student, she’s not able to fight her way out of the underworld. !

samurai girl is now available for digital pre-order on the Play store and nintendo switch with standard editions retailing for $59.99/€59.99 and digital deluxe editions available for $74.99/€74.99.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with costume outfits for all playable characters, a variety of weapons to choose from, and additional background music to hack and cut.

However, Tsumugi is not samurai girlThe Only Fighter Of: She meets three friendly ninjas at Honnoji Temple, known as The Gokage, who decide to brave the underworld with her. The Gokage is made up of Iyo, a hardworking ninja with a variety of tools, Hagane, an older ninja with a mechanical body, and Komimi, a genius with a unique jutsu. Throughout their journey, the team will quarrel, laugh and fight side by side, forging new bonds in the process.

During their journey, players will be able to use the “Gokage System”, which allows for a quick combination of Tsumugi’s sword style and The Gokage’s powerful ninjutsu. From samurai slashing and piercing attacks to ninja arm wrestling, freezing yin yang jutsu and various kunai attacks, players will be able to use these two types of attacks to fight through the hoard of dead enemies- living.

Additionally, the party has special abilities to unlock: when Tsumugi and The Gokage’s spirits are strengthened, they can unlock these abilities by locking lips. However, they will need to establish mutual trust before these special unified abilities can be unleashed in battle.

Journey through the evils of the Sengoku period while building relationships with the Sengoku Maidens as the temple burns. Samurai slash while ninjas roll dice to destroy the underworld of Honnoji Temple. Will they be able to rewrite history?

samurai girl is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC (Steam) on December 8, 2022.

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