How the Steam Deck will help you with your backlog

Valve’s laptop gaming has a lot of clear advantages steam bridge, but its help to move up a video game fan’s backlog is among the best of them. Sitting down for a traditional desktop PC gaming session usually means blocking out free time from distractions, but the ease of entering a game (or pausing and resuming play) with the Steam Deck allows for more enjoyment. easily short play sessions whenever time permits. The Deck’s portability is a big plus, and multitaskers can easily power up the level in a turn-based RPG while watching TV or listening to podcasts. Some Steam Deck owners may even take the laptop to bed at the end of a long day, and the generally unspoken practice of “bathroom time“The game is also much more doable.


The The number of verified Steam Deck games in the 1,000s, which increases the chances that these games will be part of the personal backlog of any gaming fan. Thanks to its impressive specs and ease of play with the Deck, many games that might otherwise linger in a list of games to play”one daycan be enjoyed here and now. With more console-exclusive titles previously seeing PC ports, like Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, even those with console-oriented backlogs can see more progress using the Steam Deck. Some Switch owners have found they can speed up games using the hybrid console much faster than a home console or dedicated PC, and since the Steam Deck has higher tech specs and a larger library, it offers a much better hope of seeing progress on a backlog.

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Best Steam Deck Games to Add to Your Backlog

There are currently around 5,000 Deck Verified games, and Steam Deck is a great emulator for older consoles too. Current and potential Steam Deck owners may be enticed to purchase games they already own on other platforms through Valve’s storefront simply to enjoy those titles more easily on the Deck. For Japanese RPG fans who haven’t finished Persona 5′s 100-hour story through its previous console releases, the Steam Deck offers an easy way to steadily progress. Western-style RPGs that have been waiting in the backlog can also thrive on the Steam Deck, from recent hits like Disco Elysee to the classics that inspired it. Although titles like Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition may not look impressive on a 4k monitor or tv, the smallest screen in the Steam Deck (without USB-C dock) makes this less of a problem, making the laptop ideal for catching up on classic PC RPGs.

Thanks to Deck’s console-style controller setup, traditional 2D video games are a great fit for Steam Deck. games like hollow knight, Visually impaired, Timespinnerand Axiom Rod 2 are all Deck Verified Metroidvanias, alongside 2D side-scrollers like Cuphead and Mega Man 11. When playing on a console or dedicated gaming PC, diving into cutting-edge 3D games can be more tempting, but Steam Deck makes catching up on 2D games from a backlog simple and very enjoyable.

Fighting game fans can also get great use out of the Deck, as jumping into a battle or two, or progressing through the story mode of a new fighting game, is great use of handheld gear, and most consider that its controller is well suited to the complex inputs of fighters. The Steam Deck can run new fighting games like Guilty Equipment Effort and Granblue Fantasy Versusyet adjust Steam Deck settings to improve battery life may be required when no charger is available. Titles like SoulCalibur 6 and street fighter 5 have never been released on a portable like the Switch, but Deck owners can enjoy some online matches over WiFi. The fight against the backlog is real, for many, but steam bridge makes it easy to play games right now instead of expecting a legendary period of downtime that never comes.

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