How Pikmin 4 Could Reimagine 2’s Dungeon-Like Caves

Pikmin 4 is coming, and it will bring the next evolution of the pikmine franchise. No one knows exactly what this will entail, but fans are still excited. Among Nintendo’s franchises, pikmine has had some of the longest periods of mainline inactivity while remaining present in Nintendo’s active lineup. pikmine 2 and 3 were almost a decade apart, and it seems like pikmine 3 and 4 will be too. Pikmin 4 arrives after some spin-offs and a new version for pikmine 3but it will be this game that will move forward towards pikmineis the next step.


How it will turn out, no one can say. Current marketing materials for Pikmin 4 is rare and shows very little of the new world and mechanics. Along with the most detailed visuals yet, a seemingly new captain, and a lowered camera angle, explanations are postponed. It is likely that Pikmin 4 will share many enemies and visual themes with the past pikmine games, and will revolve around collecting some sort of object while a timer counts down. Whether Pikmin 4 will be an open world or will maintain the various maps of the past pikmine games is unclear, but don’t be afraid to bring back old stuff. Especially, pikmine 2The caves would benefit greatly from another chance.

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Pikmin 2 revolved around exploring caves

Anyone knowing pikmine 2 can describe its unique traits in a few words: Louie, white and purple Pikmin, and caves. Underground areas take up at least half the player’s time to traverse pikmine 2. Many of them are scattered throughout each map and the majority of the treasures are found underground. Whereas pikmine 2 doesn’t have the limits of the hard day’s pikmine 1 and 3, he goes one step further to invalidate his timer by causing it to freeze while caving. Each trip to a cave causes a set amount of time to pass, making what is normally a fifteen-minute day last for hours.

The predominance of caves defines pikmine 2 in the eyes of many, and it is hard to disagree with them. The way time is distorted in dungeons, the many minor treasures, and even the increase in boss fights are all down to pikmine 2the caves. A given player’s degree of tolerance for this inseparable element of the game will have a significant impact on his or her opinion of pikmineis the unusual middle child. Simple and sometimes subverted dungeon crawling in pikmineThe gameplay of can certainly be a fun experience, but there are a lot of things that Pikmin 4 could change the caves for the better.

What adaptations the caves could win in Pikmin 4

To start, Pikmin 4The caves of would have greatly reduced random items. Although not necessarily bad for most soils in pikmine 2‘s dungeons to randomize the layout of enemies and items, it’s other random elements that cause a lot of frustration. Bombs, volatile dweevils, and even boulders that instantly kill Pikmin can drop from the sky in some dungeons, encouraging captains to roam the area and trigger each trap themselves. Removing this would make caving smoother, and aligning the difficulty of the surface and the underworld could be grounds for instituting a “collapse” timer.

The layout and integration of the caves in Pikmin 4The world will also have to diversify. pikmine 2the caves seen with Pikmin 4The camera would reveal a lot of flat ground, so some areas will need to be significantly redesigned. With more visuals and varied geography, Pikmin 4The caves will have a lot more identity. Such dungeons could be fully integrated into the world as pikmine 3interior environments of or could have entrances leading below. With more detailed environments, there would probably be fewer floors in total, but that would make for a tighter experience. If Nintendo decides to bring back the caves Pikmin 4then they need to be refined and better integrated into the core experience of real-time action and management.

Pikmin 4 will be released in 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

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