“Halloween release confirmed for first-person horror game Insomnis on Nintendo Switch”

Madrid, Spain, October 13, 2022. Meridiem Games has lifted the Halloween spirit with the announcement that Insomniathe chilling first-person horror game launches October 31 digitally on Nintendo Switch. Insomnia is now available to add to your wishlist in Nintendo eStores worldwide.

Developed and published by Path Games, this edition of Insomnia has been enhanced with Nintendo Switch-specific gameplay features, including a redesigned interaction system for playing with the joycon and HD rumble to further enhance some of the terrifying moments players can expect when exploring the old Castavet mansion. Additionally, players will be able to use the touch screen to interact with objects or solve puzzles. The game will run at 720p in handheld mode and 1080p in dock mode.

Check out the spooky new gameplay trailer for Insomnia here

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About Insomnia

Joe Castevet has just inherited an old mansion at the gates of the countryside. What Joe doesn’t realize is that this family legacy is cursed. Discover the dark secrets buried deep within the Castevet mansion as you fight against your own fate in a field of history filled with intrigue and terror!

Explore your grandfather’s mansion where nothing is as it seems. Rooms will change, bringing your worst nightmares to life as you immerse yourself in a morally ambiguous narrative, where nothing is as it seems.

Solve original and complex puzzles in your search for answers but make your decisions carefully because the fate of the characters will depend on it.


  • Atmospheric Horror – As you progress through the Castevet mansion, your surroundings will change and your worst nightmares will come to life. Can you escape your past before it’s too late?

  • Analog and digital puzzles: Solve many types of complex and interconnected puzzles while fighting to keep your sanity.

  • Exploration-driven story: Immerse yourself in a morally ambiguous tale, where nothing is as it seems. Dark secrets await… Explore your grandfather’s abandoned house in search of answers!

  • Multiple endings: Proceed with caution! Your choices throughout the game will decide the fate of the characters.

Insomnia will launch digitally on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Online Store October 31. For more information, visit www.meridiem-games.com



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About Meridiem Games

Meridiem Games is an independent publisher and distributor of video games for all platforms. The entire Meridiem Games team is focused on meeting the demand of gamers who love physical editions, titles such as Fahrenheit 15th Anniversary PS4, KUNAI Day One Edition NSW, Daymare: 1998 Black Edition PS4, Pang Adventures Buster Edition PS4 /NSW etc . released in their physical edition thanks to Meridiem Games… www.meridiem-games.com


About Path Games

Path Games is a Spanish video game development company founded in May 2018 by Gonzalo G. Luna (Programmer and designer) and Virginia Calvo (Designer and artist). Path Games aims to tell stories with horror as a common thread and to surprise with its gloomy atmospheres. www.pathgames.es

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