GameStop ‘Karen’ tries to trade a ‘perfectly good’ Nintendo Switch

A TikToker’s account from their exchange with a GameStop customer drew over 146,000 views on the platform.

In the video, Sarah Beth Redlhammer (@voomaid) says the customer wanted to trade in a new Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch for the exact same console because it was one year old.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but I had to remove the screen protector because there was a crack,” Redlhammer explains in the video. “So that was perfectly fine. I’m like, yo, why? And then she complained about the price difference between exchanging and buying new.

While Redlhammer suggested the customer buy the OLED Switch model, the woman reportedly said she couldn’t justify the price difference between her current model and the newer one.

“I’m like, there’s literally no point in buying a brand new Switch when you already have one that’s a year old with no issues,” the GameStop employee continues.

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Later, Redlhammer said he received a call from a company saying someone had complained about allegedly breaking his screen protector. In a phone call with the Daily Dot, Redlhammer clarified that the screen protector already had a crack and the type of screen protector used must crack to be removed for a rework inspection.

“Apparently after getting out of there with no problem, she called the company saying I broke her screen protector. What are they going to do about it?” she asks in the video. is this the mess?”

During the phone interview, Redlhammer said she was not disciplined once she made it clear that the screen protector was broken because the customer brought it in for an exchange.

“She took a screen protector out of it, which, frankly, if she had complained to me in store, I would have given her a screen protector,” Redlhammer said. “I would have explained to him. I mean, my manager laughed. If you go to a pawnshop and you’re going to trade in your phone, and your phone has a screen protector with a crack, what are you waiting for there? You’re gonna call the pawnshop and say, ‘Oh, you hacked into my phone?’ »

She said the screen protector only cost about $10 and it took the customer over a week to get it back. Redlhammer also reiterated that there were no discernible issues with the console, only that the woman wanted to trade it in for a new one.

“I had no idea why she wanted to trade in that Switch at all,” she said. “He was in perfect condition. I mean, we don’t have a way to test like batteries and stuff. So maybe the battery was shot or something. But everything seemed to be working fine. She even had the box.

Some viewers in the comments suggested that the customer was trying to “game the system” to get a new screen protector for free.

“So her goal was to get a new screen protector because she messed up the old one,” one commenter wrote. “It’s the long game.”

“She was basically trying to get a new one for a screen protector when she could have gone to Amazon and bought a new protector so easy and (cheaper) I wish I had a Switch but it’s very expensive “, another commenter wrote.

“She probably paid more for gas to get there than to buy a new one from Amazon for about $8,” said a third.

While making videos as a GameStop employee, Redlhammer said viewers offered unnecessary feedback or accused her of being wrong in the situation, mirroring some of her in-store experiences with customers.

“A lot of people will personally enjoy yelling at me (about) Game Stop,” she said. “People are going to say, ‘You’re stupid. You’re the Karen. Why are you here? If you don’t like it, why don’t you stop?’ »

Redlhammer said she started working at GameStop during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and will soon be leaving the country to pursue a master’s degree abroad.

Others shared their own experiences of previous work for Game Stop, with some empathizing with Redlhammer.

“I had a client call me because I didn’t want to sell them a game that hadn’t been released until November,” one commenter wrote.

“I once had a dad who wanted a new switch because his kids convinced him that joycons weren’t supposed to come loose from the system,” another commenter wrote.

“I worked for Game Stop for seven years as a manager,” one commenter wrote. “My heart is with you lol.”

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*First published: August 6, 2022, 2:01 p.m. CDT

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