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With the ninth generation of Pokemon in just a few months, the eighth generation is rapidly coming to an end. The Pokémon Company and Game Freak have stated that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will take place in an open world, the most ambitious feat for a new game in the main series to date. The new games will be the second pair of games that introduce a new generation of Pokémon to the Nintendo Switch.

Even before the release date of Pokémon Sword and Shield, the games proved divisive, with the Dexxit controversy meaning not all existing Pokémon were included in the game, and the inclusion of the Wild Area being two prominent examples. As these are the second games to introduce a new generation, Game Freak could learn from its mistakes. Here is what Pokémon Scarlet and Violet shouldn’t take Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area Had Major Issues

The Wild Area featured many great concepts, such as roaming Pokemon, including fully evolved forms, moving freely around the outside world. Max Raid Battles were also a nice and easy way to bring players together. However, it is remarkable how empty and barren the earth can sometimes seem. Online gameplay is full of glitches and weather conditions don’t make much sense. There isn’t much room to explore any interesting terrain or new areas or dungeons. The camp feature is also a huge step up from Pokémon Refresh, where players can pet, feed, and clean up their party of Pokémon after battles. There are only two types of toys to use to entertain Pokémon, and curry cooking can also be quite repetitive. Since the entire Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be an open world, hopefully there will be meaningful mini-games and routes of exploration.

Pokémon Sword and Shield graphics and animations were lackingwild trees

It’s no secret that for a long time Pokemon fans, especially online, were unhappy with the inconsistency of Pokémon Sword and Shieldgraphics and animations. Many of the game’s textures look sloppy and unpleasant, and this is increasingly noticeable in the Wild Area. These poor quality animations also extend to the combat animations, which seem to have been pulled from previous games on 3DS and DS. In order to really sell the vast open world in new games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet should accompany the new gameplay with stunning visuals and animations never before seen by Pokemon front fans.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield has a simple story

One of the worst aspects of Pokémon Sword and Shield must be his story. Right off the bat, the Pokémon Company played it safe and had the player take a standard eight-badge journey until they got to the Pokemon League. However, the games include an intense and potentially deadly battle sequence towards the end of the game, which doesn’t make much sense and hasn’t been accumulated in the last hours of play. The game even has one of the main conversations between the evil President Rose and the champion Leon in the form of scrolling text on a still image. It’s a huge step back from the well-animated and moving story of Pokemon Sun and Moon. In order to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to truly be one of the best in the series, they need a well-thought-out story to engage players and make them remember the experience.

It’s been three years since the release of Pokémon Sword and Shieldand it’s up in the air what The Pokémon Company and Game Freak learned from the answers to games. Pokemon Legends: Arceus proved that Game Freak could create a whole new style of gameplay while retaining that charm for which Pokemon is known. Hopefully the company has learned from the past and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will go down in history for being one of the franchise’s best mainline games.

We Are OFK debuts on Nintendo Switch on August 18, followed by weekly episodic releases Tue, 02 Aug 2022 18:04:40 +0000

The episodic adventure from indie-pop band OFK will soon be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PC. Last seen in May at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, this “Summer 2022” release date holder now has a concrete date. Starting Thursday, August 18, you can follow the lives of OFK members (Itsumi Saito, Jey Zhang, Luca Le Fae, Carter Flores, and Debug) with the first two episodes of We Are OFK.

The announcement was made today on official social media for We are OFK with a release date trailer. Additionally, you can hear a snippet from one of the game’s singles, “Fool’s Gold.”

We are OFK follows the lives of four friends in their twenties as they try to break into the world of music, fall in love and fall in love, and figure out how to pay rent and make art in Los Angeles.


  • 5 episodes of the interactive animated series
  • 5 interactive video clips: with the first titles performed by OFK
  • Interactive dialogue fully voiced by an all-star cast
  • Emotional SMS, thirsty SMS, meme SMS, emoji spam
  • Original Los Angeles locations. You will love the boba shop it’s wild

Overall, there are five episodes in We Are OFK and they will be released in batches. Episodes 1 and 2 will be available on Thursday, August 18. The remaining three episodes will air weekly: Episode 3 on August 25, Episode 4 on September 1, and Episode 5 on September 8. As we are just over two weeks away from the game’s release, Nintendo has opened up digital pre-orders on the Nintendo Online Store today and offered a 10% discount (get the game for $17.99 instead of $19.99).

For a physical version, iam8bit has what you need (and Black screen recordings is in charge of distribution in Europe). They will sell exclusive physical editions of the game for Nintendo switch ($34.99) and PlayStation 5 ($29.99). In addition to a physical copy of the game, each includes a reversible cover and a 3D papercraft kit of Debug (the cat). Still, copies are currently scheduled to ship in Q3 2022 (July to September). For those looking to experience We Are OFK on Day 1, a digital copy is your best bet.

It’s not all about iam8bit though. Since We Are OFK is about the indie-pop band OFK, a the vinyl album release is also available for pre-order. Shipping Q1 2023 and priced at $41.99, the 2xLP includes the band’s entire debut EP (with imprints for each single), exclusive acoustic tracks, and selected tracks from the game’s original score.

While waiting for the release of We Are OFK on Thursday August 18, you can pre-save band EP and listen to their first single “Follow/Unfollow” on several music streaming services.

Logitech and Tencent announce cloud-based portable console project Tue, 02 Aug 2022 12:01:18 +0000

Swiss computer peripheral maker Logitech and Chinese video game publisher Tencent Games have announced that they are collaborating on a new cloud-based portable games console.

More on the Logitech Blogit has been revealed that the fruits of this partnership will arrive “later this year”, and will combine “Logitech G’s expertise in hardware with Tencent Games’ expertise in software services”.

The new machine will be focused on cloud gaming rather than local Valve Steam Deck gaming. To that end, it has been confirmed that it will support Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now.

There are no spec details at the time of writing, nor do we have any information or images of the hardware itself. Indeed, we don’t even have a name.

What you can do is Register to be among the first to learn about this intriguing new device on a dedicated website.

“As one of the world’s leading game development, publishing and operating platforms, Tencent Games has been at the forefront of innovation and that is why we have partnered with them,” said said Ujesh Desai, General Manager of Logitech G. “As someone who grew up playing video games, the idea of ​​being able to stream and play AAA games almost anywhere is super exciting, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on.

It will be fascinating to see how this new Logitech-Tencent handheld manages to solve the quality issues inherent in portable game streaming to this day. A number of cloud-based games have hit the Nintendo Switch lately, but none have provided particularly compelling experiences.

It’s already possible to use the aforementioned streaming services on just about any smartphone with a controller, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new Logitech/Tencent device stacks up. The Backbone One, in particular, delivered the most compelling portable streaming experience to date.

Nintendo Switch review: Is Mario Strikers: Battle League any good? Tue, 02 Aug 2022 02:40:00 +0000

The easy analogue for Mario Strikers: Battle League sits somewhere between its cousin franchises, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.

There’s the usual array of Mario characters – starting with Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi and Yoshi – who roll over and put destructive objects like banana peels and turtle shells on the way to each other.

But the best comparison for Mario Strikers: Battle League is actually NHLPA Hockey ’93 on Sega Genesis. Or, if you want to go more old school, ice hockey on the old Nintendo Entertainment System.

Mario Strikers: Battle League on Nintendo Switch

At its heart, it’s a game of passing, shooting and scoring. Everything else is just decoration and devastation. (If you’ve lined up a one-timer with Mario Lemieux on the old Sega hockey game, it’ll be a nostalgic experience.)

Among the decorations? Arena backgrounds resembling different landscapes from the Mario universe and animated “hyper strikes” unique to each character.

Among the ravages? Electric fences that immobilize a player, the same type of destructive objects found in Mario Kart, and sliding tackles (the effectiveness of which depends a lot on whether you’re controlling Bowser or Waluigi).

Players who successfully avoid collisions, bombs, and anything that can knock characters over will find enough space to split the ball and create scoring opportunities. The real thrill of the game comes from the accuracy of passing and shooting.

It’s a simple game in concept, but avoiding all that devastation is quite difficult, especially when playing against more experienced and higher caliber players.

My family first tried the game about a month after it was released on June 10, and my son — despite beating me soundly in nearly every game — said he was about two months behind in online competition.

Other Mario Strikers game notes:

  • Additional characters, like Shy Guy and Daisy, and game-enhancing gear can be earned through gameplay.
  • Up to eight players can play at once, so if you have enough cons and/or consoles, you can get plenty of friends and family involved.
  • The game retails for $59.99 for a digital download or physical copy.
Nintendo Switch August 2022 releases: Every game release date this month Mon, 01 Aug 2022 19:56:47 +0000

Those not yet distracted by Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or Digimon Survive might want to know what new games are coming out for nintendo switch in August 2022. The good news is that there are exactly 40 new releases we know of so far, though there are likely to be plenty of surprises throughout the month as well. Here’s a list of all those games coming to Nintendo Switch in August 2022.

All Nintendo Switch Games August 2022 Release Dates

The first of the new games will be released tomorrow, August 2. Here’s the list of all the games coming to Nintendo Switch over the next month:

  • Frog Rifle (August 2)
  • Gigapocalypse (August 2)
  • South of the Circle (August 3)
  • After Wave: Downfall (August 4)
  • Windoria Gale (August 4)
  • Clover Kokoro (August 4)
  • Massage Freaks (August 4)
  • QuByte Classics: Thunderbolt (August 4)
  • Football 90″ (August 5)
  • Sofiya and the Old Clan (August 5)
  • Two Point Campus (August 9)
  • Book Quest (August 10)
  • Lost in Play (August 10)
  • Arcade Paradise (August 11)
  • Worship of the Lamb (August 11)
  • Super Bullet Break (August 12)
  • Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince (August 16)
  • Tribes of Midgard (August 16)
  • Dyna Bomb 2 (August 17)
  • Hell Blasters (August 17)
  • Little League World Series Baseball 2022 (August 17)
  • Robo Revenge Squad (August 17)
  • Golf cursed (August 18)
  • Mutropolis (August 18)
  • Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire (August 18)
  • RPG Time: The Legend of Wright (August 18)
  • Slaycation Paradise (August 18)
  • Are you smarter than a 5th grader? (August 23)
  • Midnight Fight Express (August 23)
  • Yars: Reloaded (August 23)
  • Back (August 25)
  • I was an exocolonist teenager (August 25)
  • Idol Manager (August 25)
  • SD Gundam Battle Alliance (August 25)
  • NHRA: Speed ​​for All (August 26)
  • Pac-Man: World Re-PAC (August 26)
  • Tee Time Golf (August 26)
  • Twilight Diver 2 (August 30)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection (August 30)
  • Tinykin (August 30)

In other news, we also have a list of all the games coming to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in August 2022. Elsewhere, Annapurna Interactive announced five more Xbox Game Pass games during their showcase.

5 Video Game Franchises Without A New Entry For A While (And 5 That Will Get A New Game Soon) Mon, 01 Aug 2022 04:21:59 +0000

Video games come and go, with sequels and future installments often deciding the fate of an intellectual property.

Some games often become long-running franchises. Meanwhile, others cease to exist after a sequel (if they get one).

Here’s a list of franchises that are so good they need a current-gen successor, and which ones will get a new entry after a brief hiatus.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author

Portal, Silent Hill and 3 other game franchises that need modern sequels

1) Banjo-Kazooie

youtube cover

Hailing from the Nintendo 64, Rare’s Banjo-Kazooie has become a smash hit on the console.

The series features the titular duo, Banjo the Bear and Kazooie the Red-Crested Breegull. Together they traverse colorful worlds in a 3D collectible platforming adventure, usually to thwart the evil witch Gruntilda’s plans.

The franchise’s popularity peaked with the Banjo-Tooie sequel (also for Nintendo 64). However, its transition to Xbox following Microsoft’s takeover of the developer was rocky, with the latest entry being an Xbox 360 spin-off called Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Too bad that’s not what the fans wanted.

The series has since been dormant with no successor on the horizon.

2) Portal

Valve’s signature FPS puzzler featured two installments, both of which were declared masterpieces at launch.

Both games feature the protagonist Chell as a guinea pig for the rogue AI, GLaDOS. The second entry particularly emphasized new mechanics and expanded puzzles using the innovative Portal Gun.

With Portal 2 released in 2012, Valve showed no interest in returning to the critically acclaimed series. That said, their other overlooked IP, Half-Life, has seen a modern release in the form of Half-Life: Alyx. So there is some hope for Portal after all.

On a related note, both Portal titles were recently made available on the Nintendo Switch as part of the Portal Companion Collection.

3) Okami

youtube cover

A cult action-adventure game on PlayStation 2, Okami was developed by Clover Studio.

The game allowed players to control the sun goddess Amaterasu (in wolf form). She used the powerful Celestial Brush Technique to annihilate the demons that threatened the peace of Nippon.

The beautiful “sumi-e” art style was the highlight of the game, as was the polished Legend of Zelda-inspired gameplay design and hack & slash combat.

Okami received a sort of sequel in 2010 called Okamiden (for the Nintendo DS). Unfortunately, it was an even bigger flop than its predecessor, and the series hasn’t seen the light of day outside of the PlayStation 3 remaster ports since.

4) Silent Hill

youtube cover

Japanese developer Konami is renowned for its many iconic IPs, and Silent Hill is one of its best works.

The survival horror series first appeared in the 90s on the original PlayStation and was a massive hit, at least until Silent Hill 3.

The franchise was known for its tense atmosphere, creepy monster designs (particularly the iconic Pyramid Head), thrilling exploration, and gratuitous use of gore and violence.

With Silent Hill 2 considered the pinnacle, future installments have either missed the mark by being action-oriented (Silent Hill: Homecoming) or trying their hand at the classic scare factor (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories).

Silent Hill 2 was to receive a modern reboot in the form of Silent Hills, which was to be directed by acclaimed game director Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. However, that dream was dashed after the publisher revealed that the project had been cancelled.

5) infamous

youtube cover

inFAMOUS is one of the most underrated video game franchises in Sony’s vast catalog.

Sucker Punch Productions’ open-world action series has always had a niche since its origins on the PlayStation 3. It’s had multiple installments so far, with inFAMOUS 1, 2 and the standalone expansion Festival of Blood revolving around by Cole MacGrath.

The PlayStation 4-exclusive inFAMOUS Second Son and standalone inFAMOUS Last Light entry featured protagonists Delsin Rowe and Abigail Walker.

The franchise’s power-fantasy gameplay, chaotic combat, and interesting morality system have created some of the best experiences on PlayStation.

However, with the last entry released in 2014, it doesn’t look like the series will be moving forward any time soon.

Soul Hackers, Alan Wake and 3 other game franchises finally getting a new entry

1) Saints Row (Saints Row 2022)

youtube cover

Volition’s Saints Row series has managed to establish its identity over the years but seemed to go too far at the same time.

With Saints Row 2 considered the benchmark for all future sequels, the franchise lost its footing starting with Saints Row 4. A few lackluster side entries later, the future of the series looked bleak. That was until publisher Deep Silver announced an ongoing reboot, which is slated for release next month.

2) Soul Hackers (Soul Hackers 2)

youtube cover

The Megami Tensei series from publisher SEGA and developer Atlus has been around for decades and has therefore spawned a number of sub-series. From big names like Persona to more niche entries like Devil Survivor, there’s something for every type of JRPG fan.

Soul Hackers is an entry that debuted on the SEGA Saturn and received a Nintendo 3DS remaster in 2012. For the few who played it, it was a traditional SMT experience with a cyberpunk twist.

However, given the lack of marketing to the sub-series, fans weren’t expecting a sequel. That was until the surprise announcement of Soul Hackers 2. The all-new JRPG entry is coming next month and is the first cross-platform release of a MegaTen title.

3) Bayonet (Bayonet 3)

youtube cover

The Bayonetta series is undoubtedly PlatinumGames’ most renowned work to date. After a modest opening on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the future of the Umbra Witch was in jeopardy until Nintendo stepped in to save the day. Bayonetta 2 was released for Nintendo Wii U in 2014.

While PlatinumGames was grateful for a publisher’s interest in its DMC-inspired hack & slash series, many fans were appalled by the sequel’s exclusivity.

Eight years later, and we still have a third entry in the works, thanks to the Big N. Bayonetta 3 will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and is the most ambitious game the franchise has ever seen.

4) Alan Wake (Alan Wake 2)

youtube cover

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, 2010’s survival horror third-person shooter Alan Wake was a rising star in the Xbox 360 library. game, its unique concept and its captivating gameplay.

However, that was more than 10 years ago. While Remedy Entertainment has released several new games over the years, none had anything to do with Alan Wake.

Thankfully, fan prayers have been answered at The Game Awards 2021 with the reveal of Alan Wake 2, an all-new modern entry that puts an even greater emphasis on horror.

5) Baldur’s Gate (Baldur’s Gate 3)

It’s time to unleash your wild side. Absolute Frenzy announces the arrival of the Barbarian, a brand new UI, improvised weapons and much more. Join the adventure today!

The Baldur’s Gate series has always been held in high regard by RPG fans for its deep writing, extensive Dungeons & Dragons-based lore, and intricate RPG elements. However, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn was released 22 years ago. Fans have spent two decades wishing for a successor.

There was no other RPG studio that could have met fan demands other than Larian Studios. The Divinity: Original Sin developer is currently working on Baldur’s Gate 3, which is expected to be the biggest and most complex Dungeons & Dragons video game to date. It’s based on the Fifth Edition ruleset of the tabletop RPG and will be turn-based, unlike its real-time, paused predecessors.

Given the universal acclaim of Divinity: Original Sin 2, it’s no exaggeration to say that Baldur’s Gate 3 is in good hands.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

]]> Wylde Flowers will be released for Nintendo Switch in September The company will release Flowers for Nintendo Switch Mon, 01 Aug 2022 03:18:53 +0000

Indie developer and publisher Studio Drydock announced this week that Wylde Flowers will be playing on the Nintendo Switch next month. This game has been released on Apple Arcade for 20 years. Both of these titles developed by women are receiving accolades and even awards. Now, from the new PC and the release scheduled for the same month, the team has confirmed that it will be released on Switch and hit the market on September 20, 2022. You can find the following slideshow and trailer show how it will be visible on both platforms.

Promotional art for Wylde Flowers, courtesy of Drydock Studio.

Go to the countryside and visit a cute little town and help her husband join his family’s thriving business. Get to know a memorable cast of full-voiced characters with intriguing stories of romance or romance! Relax your lifestyle in your rural lifestyle as you grow your crop, take care of animals, fish and more throughout the day. At night, train your inner witch by learning to ride the broomstick, brew potions, control the weather and seasons, or even transform into a cat! Fairhaven is waiting for you.

  • Tale of Witches: Savor a moving tale that combines farming with magic and personal discovery as Tara finds herself in a town.
  • The characters in the song “Wowlde Flowers” are immortalized by a cast in which a director, including the BAFTA-winning voice actor, can find success in more than eight hours of play.
  • THREE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS: From Natalia to Sophia leading the stag, each of these Fairhaven residents has a very intricate story waiting for you to love and fall in love.
  • Sweet Romance: Seven people from Fairhaven can be wooed and romanticized. From the local butcher Kim (they), to the flirting guy, a teacher.
  • Agriculture and magic: Learn magic and the craft of servants by cooking, fishing, farming, art and magic.
  • Lots to spend: Experienced gameplay includes all kinds of experiences.
  • Soundtrack: It is woven from the narrative and shows a musical score created with the help of a real orchestra that helps you decide.
PlayStation will abandon the flagship feature that no one has ever used Sun, 31 Jul 2022 18:30:00 +0000

In the growing console industry, some features are being lost due to rapid development. Console developers like PlayStation have some of the best-selling features in recent years.


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From faster loading times to cross-generational multiplayer, the console had turned the tide. Even though it managed to make many new advancements, some of these features later piled up to be dropped.


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PlayStation 5 will abandon the Accolades system

When the PlayStation 5 launched in 2020, it had taken the world by storm. The mighty console had some of the best features attached to it. One of those features was giving accolades to an online player.

The Accolade system was actually intended to help online gamers support each other in communication through in-game messages. The system was exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation and was considered somewhat underrated. Eventually, the company decided to discontinue this feature due to its very rare usage.

In an official PlayStation announcement, they said, “As of Fall 2022, the Accolades feature on PlayStation 5 will no longer be supported. The feature has not seen the level of usage we anticipated, so we are refocusing our efforts. We encourage the community to continue to send positive messages to each other. Notably, many gamers didn’t even know such a feature existed until the news broke.

What is the Accolade System?

When Sony first launched the PlayStation 5, gamers around the world could play online games from any old PS console and also chat with them. Because it was an old feature, PlayStation wanted to try something more, so Accolades.


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This new feature allowed players to send feedback to any random player the sender was associated with. There were three types of hugs players could send to their teammates: helpful, welcoming, and good sport.

Notably, the term is often used in the context of rewards and recognition given to a person throughout their professional career. It is particularly used to denote prestigious awards and honors that few people receive.

Although the feature is not widely known among fans, one can guess that the system might come back later with some additional features. Since Sony is known for its reusability and polishing techniques, gamers will soon be able to find similar features.


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What do you think of that? Let us know in the comments below.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 stock expected to be in short supply locally Sun, 31 Jul 2022 10:00:00 +0000
Image: SEGA

If you’re hoping to get a Sega Genesis Mini 2 when it arrives in North America in October, you might want to act fast.

This system, loaded with over 50 classic games, including Sega CD titles, should be in short supply. Ars Technica contacted Sega’s main office and received confirmation that the Mega Drive Mini 2 could only be produced in “small numbers due to the worldwide shortage of semiconductors”.

As a result, it is truly a “Japan-only project”. While the company will produce a “small” batch of Genesis Mini 2 for the North American market here in the west, availability is expected to be much lower than the previous Genesis Mini.

“The number of units for this project is about one-tenth of the previous Genesis Mini’s total.”

This news isn’t all that surprising if you’ve been following tech supply shortages. Last month, Sega classic hardware producer Yosuke Okunari warned that production of the Mega Drive Mini 2 would be “much lower” due to supply issues and rising component prices.

There’s no word on a European release of the Mega Drive Mini 2, but you can find out more about the North American release in our previous article:

Will you be adding this system to your Mini collection on October 27? Comment below.

Nintendo Switch fan finds Skyward sword accessory hilarious and impractical Sat, 30 Jul 2022 18:41:00 +0000

An eagle-eyed Zelda fan discovers a Skyward Sword HD accessory that turns a Joy-Con into a Master Sword – and could make game cards fly.

A Nintendo fan recently came across a weird and impractical Switch controller accessory inspired by Link’s famous Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Last July saw the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch, and although this new version of the 2011 Wii classic added standard button-based controls, Nintendo’s marketing for the game seemed to largely focus on and encourage the use of the motion controls that defined the original skyward sword.

As was the case with the Nintendo Wii, the Switch offers a wide range of peripherals allowing players to shape their Joy-Con controllers like swords, guns or even Ring Fit Adventure Hoola-hoop type controller. The Legend of Zelda is no stranger to this kind of peripherals, like the 2007 spin-off title Link’s Crossbow Training was packaged with the Wii Zapper gun accessory, allowing players to aim Link’s crossbow in a surprisingly solid title that almost spawned a Zelda multiplayer FPS suite. Other motion control peripherals simulated what it would be like to wield The Legend of Zelda Link’s iconic Matching Master Sword and Hyrule Shield while playing the original Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swordand now it looks like history has repeated itself with the release of Skyward Sword HD almost ten years later.


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twitter user Akfamilyhouse recently shared a photo of a third-party Nintendo Switch device that looks like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD’s Master Sword. To use, the player inserts one of the Switch’s two detachable Joy-Con controller halves into the sword’s hilt – which will allow the player to swing the controller like a real sword while playing. Skyward Sword HD. Strangely enough, this accessory also contains several slots along the blade of the sword that can store Nintendo Switch game cards, although Akfamilyhome and other users in the comments section have noted the impracticality of this in pointing out how the cards could detach and fly. on the living room during a particularly lively gaming session.

Skyward Sword HD’s Controller Peripheral Isn’t Very Convenient

The discovery of this The Legend of Zelda device comes at a time when gamers are still enjoying skyward swordthe immediate successor to , 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A brand new sequel to BOTW was originally slated for later this year, but producer Eiji Aonuma reportedly announces it’s been delayed to Spring 2023 to allow more time for polish. This sudden delay had the perverse effect of renewing rumors of remakes of other old Zelda titles like The awakening of the wind and Twilight Princess in a manner similar to Skyward Sword HDbut previous Zelda Port developer Tantalus Media denied being approached by Nintendo for such a project.

No matter Zelda the game comes out next, whether it’s a remake or the highly anticipated Breath of the Wild 2it may not be a good idea for gamers to use the third party Skyward Sword HD device featured in Akfamilyhome’s latest social media post given how easy it could be to lose one of their other Nintendo Switch games that could be stored along its toy-like blade – and sent flying into the great unknown after an unfortunate swing from the Master Sword. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD can be played with both motion controls or a more traditional button-based layout, but fans looking to recreate the feel of Link’s sword in their hands might want to pursue a more hands-on option.

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Source: Akfamilyhome/Twitter

Outfits from the Sims 4 Carnival kit.

Sims 4 Patch Will Accidentally Fix Famous Sims

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