Every major game Nintendo has ever canceled

nintendo has come a long way since its founding in 1889. Originally a company that produced playing cards, Nintendo has gone on to manufacture a variety of children’s toys for the Japanese market. In 1977, Nintendo produced its first video game console, the Color TV-Game, which was eventually followed by the NES in 1985, and the rest is history. Over the past few decades, Nintendo has earned its status at the pinnacle of the gaming industry, with a plethora of great franchises and a history of great consoles under its belt.


As the Nintendo brand has grown over the years, the company’s reputation for taking the time to ensure its products are only of the highest quality has also grown. While that’s not always the case, Nintendo’s reputation for quality control has often proven true, and in the past the publisher hasn’t been shy about abandoning a project altogether, no matter what. its scale or its importance.

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The Major Games Nintendo Has Canceled

Nintendo is no stranger to canceling even the biggest projects if they aren’t deemed to be of high enough quality, or if the game just doesn’t turn out the way the publisher intended. Star fox 2 is one of those games. An instant hit on the SNES, the original star fox boasted of impressive visuals and intuitive and satisfying mechanics.

Nintendo immediately began working on a sequel, which was going to use the same engine and much of the same gameplay, but with a handful of new mechanics added. However, development was taking a little longer than expected, and Nintendo was ready to release the Nintendo 64, so a 2D star fox the sequel was no longer going to cut it. However, Star fox 2 would eventually see the light of day when it was completed and released for Nintendo Switch Online’s SNES collection.

Star fox 2 isn’t the only game in the franchise to be sent to the chopping block. Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was a bit of a sales nightmare at the time, and to cut its losses the company canceled the vast majority of titles in development for the system. This included a star fox The Virtual Boy game, whose spaceship models didn’t quite work with the system’s wireframe graphics.

Moving into the Nintendo 64 era, Nintendo began production on a host of ambitious projects, most of which were sequels or spin-offs to its most popular franchises. A sequel to EarthboundWhere Mother 2was planned for the N64, as well as a fire emblem Title. Both of these games were canceled due to difficulties with the console’s limited hardware and the franchise’s move to 3D.

One of the biggest surprise hits of the Nintendo 64 era was Diddy Kong Racea cart runner located in the donkey kong universe. So it only made sense that Nintendo wanted to fast-track a sequel for the company’s next console, the GameCube. Rare began development on donkey kong race, a direct sequel that was meant to bring even more iconic series characters into the mix. However, in 2002 Rare was acquired by Microsoft, which meant the developer could no longer use Nintendo’s characters, and so the project was scrapped.

One of the most infamous canceled Wii projects is Factor 5. Child Icarus project. Be the developer behind the amazing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series, Factor 5 had a lot of experience with 3D flight games, and he intended to bring that to the Child Icarus license by turning it into an aerial combat game. Things turned sour when Nintendo asked the developer to use the same character model for Kit as that of Brawl Super Smash Bros., and Factor 5 rejected the design, instead wanting to make the game look darker and more mature. It didn’t fly for nintendowho quickly canceled the project.

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