Dragon Quest 8 deserves a remaster

The recent success of Dragon Quest 11 rocketed the series into the spotlight among JRPG fans, and for good reason. The series’ influence on video games cannot be underestimated, and it deserves to be preserved along with other memorable classics. The first three games in the series have ports on the Nintendo Switch and a remake of Dragon Quest 3 is currently in the works by the team behind Square Enix’s HD-2D series of games. With all the buzz around dragon quest recently, fans were hoping for more recognition towards Dragon Quest 8.


Dragon Quest 8 is arguably one of the most iconic games in the series. Its main character was one of the four representatives of the series included in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate with the protagonists of Dragon Quest 11, Dragon Quest 3and Dragon Quest 4. Dragon Quest 8 had a port to the Nintendo 3DS a few years ago with added features from the PlayStation 2 version. is time to consider a new remaster of Dragon Quest 8.

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A remaster for Dragon Quest 8 could revitalize its soundtrack

One of the best parts of the dragon quest series is its masterful soundtrack, and Dragon Quest 8 is no exception. The soundtrack was composed by the late Koichi Sugiyama from the very first game and has been one of the series’ biggest draws ever since. Parts of different Dragon Quest games were even chosen to play alongside many other video game songs at the Japanese Olympics. However, the music in most dragon quest games is not fully orchestrated and chooses to use digital sound. Dragon Quest 8 is one of those games that didn’t have its orchestrated soundtrack outside of live performances.

While the North American version of Dragon Quest 8 on the 3DS did not get a remastered soundtrack, the Japanese version of the game actually did. Although it’s an odd choice, it opens up the possibility for another version of the game to include an orchestrated soundtrack. One of the major changes that the release of Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Era made on the original was to include a new version of the OST. In the case of more extreme Square Enix remakes, like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the soundtrack is completely redone. It is likely that if dragon quest 8 gets a remaster or a remake and then a whole new soundtrack would come with it.

A Dragon Quest 8 graphical update could make its art style shine

Dragon Quest 8 was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. With a game this old, you’d expect the graphics to feel dated, but its art style helps the visuals hold up. The unique art direction is due to Akira Toriyama, who also worked on dragonball and the trigger of a stopwatch. Whereas Dragon Quest 8 was remade for the 3DS, there were no major changes to the visuals other than some lighting. It would be difficult for the 3DS to revamp the visuals of a PlayStation 2 game, so it’s clear to see why the visuals haven’t been updated as much. However, compared to modern titles, there is a case for a graphical overhaul.

The most recent version of dragon quest series, Dragon Quest 11, perfectly suited Akira Toriyama’s art style. Every enemy and character is animated expressively with the world’s vibrant color palette. A remake of Dragon Quest 8 in the same engine as Dragon Quest 11 could work very well. Seeing fan-favorite characters and locations remastered in stunning modern graphics would be a treat for fans of the original game. Fans could already see a preview of what it could look like, like Dragon Quest 8the protagonist’s outfit was available to be worn in Dragon Quest 11. One could only imagine how fan favorites of Dragon Quest 8 how Jessica and Angelo would look in modern graphics.

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A Remaster May Give Fan-Favorite Dragon Quest 8 Characters More Content

The dragon quest series has many strong characters that make up the casts of their games One Thing the Re-release of Dragon Quest 11 did to improve upon the original game gave secondary characters in the game more time to shine. Sections of the game that focus entirely on one character can go a long way towards developing that character. The wearing of Dragon Quest 8 has done a lot to add additional content for this exact purpose. Many new stories and additional scenarios have been added to the game to help flesh out characters that wouldn’t get as much development otherwise. Even secondary characters like Kalderasha have more stories and side quests associated with them.

While the 3DS port of Dragon Quest 8 has some good additions for secondary characters, they could go the extra mile and include more for party members. In the reissue of Dragon Quest 11, this was done at an important turning point in the game and allowed players to see what party members were doing for a certain period of time. A side quest dedicated to the player is played only because Yangus could allow players to live his life as a bandit before joining the party. It could also be related to Red and players could find out more about their relationship. The same concept can be applied to Angelo, Jessica, and Morrie where having spent time separate from the protagonist can help players better understand their characters.

A remaster for Dragon Quest 8 It sounds like a simple idea on paper, but the reality is that the Nintendo 3DS version of the game added a lot of what fans wanted. It added quality of life fixes, new mobs, new quests, new cutscenes, new dungeons, and even a new ending. The problem is that it is no longer easy to get games on the 3DS and the game can be lost on the system.

A whole remaster for Dragon Quest 8 has to do is redo the music and update the visuals to align with how Dragon Quest 11 looks like, and include the 3DS port additions. Any other additions would be a bonus. Dragon Quest 8 is too big an entry in the series not to get a remaster for modern consoles.

Dragon Quest 8: Voyage of the Cursed King is now available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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