Chocobo GP will offer a new kind of racing experience


The Mario kart the series may have started the genre, but a new game wants to establish a competitive scene. This is the next one Chocobo GP, and yes, it is a karting race that takes place in the Chocobo universe to come in 2022.

It goes without saying that the core gameplay looks a lot like Mario Kart. However, in this one, players can choose a character from among the Final fantasy series. The courses are also based on places of various Final fantasy games, like Alexandria in Final fantasy 9 and golden saucer in Final fantasy 7.

You can see the trailer below:

Some of the cool features include:

  • Various game modes

  • Enjoy exciting survival races in a bracket style tournament

  • Exciting courses

    • Explore different routes inspired by Chocobo and Final fantasy series.

    • In addition to what has already been mentioned, there is also Cid’s Test Track and Zozo and the Gold Saucer.

  • List of beloved characters

  • Magical magic

    • Collect the magic found in the magic eggs scattered on different tracks.

    • Grab those magical runners like Aero and Fire.

    • This can be used against other racers to give them a competitive edge.

The game is actually a sequel to Chocobo race, released in 1999 for PlayStation. When it first released, the game didn’t really catch on with many reviews indicating that it was just trying to get its hands on the kart racing genre.

A sequel was originally revealed in 2010 and is expected to launch for the Nintendo 3DS. Perhaps because the development was outsourced, its quality was not up to par and was eventually rolled back in 2013.

For this next game, the reception so far has been good with a lot of commentary on the trailer hoping the game is successful. There are also those who say they have been waiting for this sequel for years.

Do you think he can compete with Mario kart?


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