Can you mine crypto with your PS5?

Crypto mining is an expensive business involving a lot of work and sporadic rewards. The biggest motivation for miners is that they are rewarded using cryptocurrency tokens. Mining cryptocurrency requires a lot of time and the right equipment. Mining equipment is not easy to find, and if you could find a way to mine other means, you would gladly take it. This is why there has been a major frenzy in the crypto markets over whether Sony’s latest console, the PS5, has the technology required to mine crypto.

Many new features meant to set the PS5 apart from its predecessors were mooted in the months leading up to its introduction. The new DualSense joystick, which Sony introduced to replace older DualShock controllers, used capacitive sensors and offered a tactile experience. There were rumors that the PS5 could mine Ethereum since its specs were similar to a mining rig. After the rumors, many people planned to turn their consoles into mining equipment for coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, solana, etc. But do these rumors have any weight? Can you mine crypto using your PS5 console? A recent frenzy over some Chinese hackers exploiting PS5 consoles has sparked a debate regarding the likelihood of this happening. However, the screenshot uploaded by the Chinese hackers revealed that the mining is nothing but a scam. If the frenzy continues, sooner or later we may be able to see mining rigs made from PS5 consoles.

Currently, the main problem in the gaming community is the shortage of PS5 consoles which makes the consoles available for sale at a high price. If consoles are proven to have the system required for mining, gamers will be forced to pay even more to access their favorite games.

Refurbished PS5 chips in AMD’s crypto mining hardware

ASRock is promoting a new AMD-based cryptocurrency mining platform. However, instead of using the most powerful GPUs, it seems to be built using faulty PS5 processors. It was revealed that the servers, which cost around $14,800, are equipped with twelve AMD BC-250 APUs. The equipment has been downgraded to a “barebones” extraction rig at Slovenia’s Bolha site. This website states that it is a “quality computer for bitcoin mining projects with a promise produced by a well-known company ASRock”. The description doesn’t provide processor details, but the computer has PCIe APUs, 16GB of RAM, and dual 1200W power supplies.

ASRock’s hardware Ethereum mining speed is said to be 610 MHps. An unlocked Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics processing unit (GPU) can reach 135 MHps with 300W power consumption. You would need about five high-end GPUs to get the same performance as the ASRock server. Increased demand from cryptocurrency miners is putting a strain on GPU supplies, but a partnership between AMD and ASRock could drive miners away from high-end gaming PCs. Crypto farms can still use cards with open hash rates, like the upcoming Intel Arc Alchemist, due to Nvidia’s price drop and AMD Radeon graphics cards.

Configurations for cryptocurrency mining with PS5 chips

The PS5’s accelerated processing unit (CPU and GPU) is perhaps the most powerful ever seen in a home video game console. The device must meet Sony’s strict standards to be considered a microprocessor. Those that fail are allegedly sold to cryptocurrency miners. Twelve refurbished PlayStation 5 chips were found in ASRock crypto-mining hardware, and they all met the same fate.

What does this ultimately mean

With this information, you might wonder, does that mean joining a few PS5s and they will be good to start crypto mining? You might have the technical know-how to bypass everything and start mining parts. There are hackers in China who have already said that they can mine bitcoin using the PS5 console system. As it stands, there is no sure way to confirm that these claims might be true. The only thing that remains is that there have been no known hacks of the PlayStation 5 system recently. This is the only problem for people who want to flash it with their software, such as bitcoin mining software. However, hackers have previously claimed they are “close” to overcoming the console’s security.

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