Buddy Simulator 1984 is a heartwarming horror game with an Undertale twist

Comfort and horror aren’t two things we often associate, but Buddy Simulator 1984 is touted as a wholesome friendship-focused horror game. And publisher Feardemic has revealed that Not a Sailor Studios will be coming to Switch on October 27, just in time for Halloween!

Buddy Simulator 1984 first launched on Steam in February 2021 and is currently on a “very positive” rating after over 2,700 reviews. On the surface, the game looks very Undertale, with simple pixel-art visuals, black-and-white locations, and even the little ghost you walk around in. But, take a closer look, and you might be able to spot the curvature of an old computer screen. In Buddy Simulator 1984, you play a game on your in-game PC, an AI simulation experience that lets you hang out with a digital best friend.

Sections of the game play out like old-school text-based RPG adventures, while other parts let you play games with your new AI friend. Well, that all sounds pretty lovely so far, doesn’t it? Nothing could go wrong with the “game within a game” concept, could it? Could he…?

We should probably expect our hearts to be ripped out, then. Many reviews on Steam recommend that you enter with as little information as possible, but maybe the press release will at least help shed some light?

The technology is finally here! BUDDY SIMULATOR 1984 uses the next generation of AI science to simulate the experience of hanging out with your best friend. Your buddy learns, adapts to your personality and, above all, plays with you!

Have you ever felt alone? Like you want to talk to someone? A best friend perhaps? Well, look no further! With next-generation artificial intelligence technology engineered into the newAnekom operating system, BUDDY SIMULATOR 1984 simulates the experience of dating your best friend! Your best friend learns from you, constantly adapting to your interests and personality. Say your favorite color is green, of course your best friend will remember it!

Using the latest and greatest graphics software, our top gaming scientists have been able to find a way for a computer to play games with you, talk to you, andbecome someone you can really trust!

Video game center! – Can you beat your buddy in an intense game of rock, paper, scissors? How about a dangerous hangman game?
Learning AI!
– Your buddy will evolve to better suit your interests and make sure you have fun together!
New and unique experience!
– Your experience with Buddy Simulator 1984 will be unique and unlike anything you’ve played before!

By playing Buddy Simulator 1984, you are helping the scientific community take a big step into the future of artificial intelligence.

So what are you waiting for? Get a copy for your Anekom system today!


Those old DOS-style screens and text exchanges make us feel a little old! But even if the game markets itself as a comforting experience, it certainly has “one of those” feelings – we can’t shake it. It’s those red eyes.

Buddy Simulator 1984 will launch on October 27 on the Switch eShop – it will cost $9.99 USD / £8.99 (or your regional equivalent).

Are you intrigued by this unusual text adventure/RPG? Will you be looking for a new digital buddy? Let us know!

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