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Which saving apps are there?

Which saving apps are there?

What do you now arrange through your smartphone? For example, your social contacts, or your running performance, keeping your agenda and e-mail, your banking matters? There are also apps that make saving easier. Which saving apps already exist?

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Payment app from banks

Payment app from banks

Every bank with a checking account offers mobile banking. With this app you can arrange all your transfers and check your balance at any time. If your savings account with this bank runs, you therefore also arrange your transfers for your savings account with this app. Every bank fills in the extra options that the app has, so read on your bank’s website carefully which options your bank offers with the payment app.

Save app from Cashieme

Save app from Cashieme

The first bank to introduce a savings app was Cashieme. This bank offers you the possibility to create a separate piggy bank per savings target and to give each piggy bank a separate name, photo and target amount. In the app you can see exactly what your total balance is and how far you are already saving for your purpose. You see the balance per piggy bank and you follow your progress with a red progress line. Moreover, the app calculates how long you have to save until you reach your goal.

Furthermore, the app gives a signal if you do not put anything on the savings account for a while and in a few steps you open a new savings account or a new deposit. Finally, you transfer money from your savings account to your checking account via the savings app.

Save app from BApp

Save app from Knab

The app from BApp does not focus specifically on your savings account, but on all accounts at BApp. So you can handle all your banking matters with the BApp app if you want. This way you keep track of your savings receivables, you see how much interest you have already accrued and you can find the current interest rate in the app. In addition, you quickly arrange all transfers via the app and you can look up the nearest ATM yourself.

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