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Following the Ace Attorney Trilogy on mobile has been quite a journey since we got the Ace Attorney Trilogy HD hit iOS in 2013 globally. If you are completely unfamiliar with this version, Capcom ace lawyer The series has mostly amazing games, memorable characters, great music, and great courtroom stuff spread across multiple games on different platforms. Mobile has been lucky with the full set of core games available, while current consoles can play the first three and the set of two games recently released in the West that are only available in Japan on mobile under the made of The chronicles of the great ace lawyer. Last week, Capcom pulled the list of Ace Attorney Trilogy HD and released the new improved version as the Ace Attorney Trilogy ($19.99) which is now available as a premium version. For that Ace Attorney Trilogy iOS review, I’ll try to compare all the versions I can as always with these ports reviews, but I’ll also explain why despite all the improvements, this might not be for you.

The target audience for this new version of the Ace Attorney Trilogy is mainly divided into two groups. The first is those who have never played these games before on any platform. They will wonder if this version is worth getting in general and if it is good on iOS. The second group is those who already owned the original Ace Attorney Trilogy HD on iOS, and they’re probably wondering if the high-priced purchase is worth it with no upgrade path or data transfer backup. The answer to the first is easy, while the second has some big caveats. Let’s go.

The Ace Attorney Trilogy understand Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For Alland Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations. This is the first complete trilogy with proper widescreen support, improved sound, and more than the original release on iOS. The individual games are worth playing for the investigations, characters, music, and story. They involve court cases, deductions, light puzzles, and point-and-click adventure segments. If you like these kinds of games, the quality offered here is immense, but the port has some issues at the moment.

Ace Attorney Trilogy iphone ipad 2022 review

If you have never played ace lawyer games before and don’t have the console or PC versions, it’s worth getting even when the launch discount is over with a caveat. Capcom isn’t the best at supporting long-term iOS releases. If you are not concerned about what might happen to the Ace Attorney Trilogy on iOS 17, you can safely buy it now and enjoy dozens of hours you won’t regret.

If you own the original on iOS, there’s a noticeable downgrade. You cannot jump to any instance of the three games from the start like you could in the original iOS HD version. It’s exactly like the console and PC version where you can choose one of three games, but not skip cases if you wanted to pick up the iOS or Android version to continue a specific case. The improvements are significant, as they look and work great on modern screens, but without proper fullscreen support. Expect black bars on modern devices without banners or artwork to fill the empty space.

Ace Attorney Trilogy iphone ipad 2022 review

If you own the Ace Attorney Trilogy on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, or Nintendo Switch, it’s the exact same game without controller support. Yes, this port of a console and PC game only supports touch screen. This might not matter to most given the genre, but why would Capcom remove a feature they’ve already added? This makes me recommend the Nintendo Switch version above the rest for offering a full controller and full touchscreen support without a hitch.

Unless you don’t have controller support and aren’t full screen, the one area where this port surprised me is its cloud save feature on iOS which worked well and switched almost instantly from my iPhone 11 to iPad Pro and vice versa. Long story based games like this are definitely something I don’t want to be stuck on a single device with a universal iOS version for.

In our original 2013 review, we praised the source material, but hoped for more effort in the port. This even applies to this new mobile version 2022 of the Ace Attorney Trilogy. Even some recent Square Enix games seem like better mobile conversions than this. The rudimentary conversion of Ace Attorney Trilogy is carried by the original games and the original console version being awesome.

Ace Attorney Trilogy iphone ipad 2022 review

While other platform versions of the Ace Attorney Trilogy will end up costing a bit more than iOS, I’d say the Nintendo Switch version is the best way to experience this trilogy right now. Having played it on Nintendo 3DS, iOS (original), the new iOS version, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam, the Switch version remains the most complete thanks to the offer of touch and button control options with its hybrid nature helping even more with flexibility in playstyles. Hopefully controller support and some wallpaper options can be added to fill in the black bars as a premium priced version should only not look like console-os conversion to mobile conversion.

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