Monthly Archives: September 2019

Private loans without UC

Here I write about why you should consider borrowing without UC. This may include private loans, but also fast loans, sms loans, bank loans or ordinary loans from various major banks. What is a credit report? A so-called credit report is “enlightenment” in the form of a document in either …

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Short of cash? You can borrow a small amount quickly!

You will always see it. One day your washing machine decides to stop and two days later your PC. On the same day, a letter from the tax authorities also comes up with a hefty write-off. This is not a problem for a number of people. But for many people …

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Puffett Loans

You may or may not like Puffets’s investment style, but you have to recognize that man is consistent and follows his mantra “Be ambitious when others are fearful and be fearful when others show ambition”. In the short term its timing may not be perfect but in the long term …

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